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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Annoyed of Load-shedding ? This 12 Volt DC Fan Can Give You Comfort Even Without Electricity

Home Made 12 Volt DC Fan Works as Cooler

If you are fed up with the excessive Load-shedding and getting burnt in hot summer, this article is going to give you a relief. A boy in Pakistan has just invented a way to get rid of such hot weather in a unique way. He was trying to find-out some way that can work without electricity and finally he made it.

12 volt dc fan

He opted to use solar panels for the electricity generation for his home and installed a 300 Watt Solar System but later on he found that it is not enough to meet his needs as if he use this capacity of system he can't use AC appliance / fans for long hours. Therefore, he found an alternate for it he bought a 12 volt dc fan from an auto store. This fan is used in the car radiator. He selected the 12v DC fan of radiator because its air throw is comparatively much better than the usual 12 volt dc fans available in market. He took the fan out of its body so the air flow can be more better. The advantage of this fan is there is no need of electricity at day time as it can run directly with power of solar panels and if a battery is attached to the solar panels for backup purpose it give quite a good backup too.

Talking about the cost of this 12 volt dc fan, its very cheap and cost only about 03 to 04 $. It can be easily purchased from any local auto workshop. There are plenty of used car radiator fans available in such workshops that can work for you as powerful room cooler. You can also use this idea to make your summer comfortable.

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