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Monday, 24 April 2017

How to Use Your Laptop as Tv - USB Tv Tuner for Laptop and PC

How to Use Your Laptop as Tv - USB Tv Tuner for Laptop and PC

Use of PC and Laptop in every home is common, but for our favorite Tv Serial we have to jump to the Tv room. Often you will find your wife watching a cooking channel or your kid watching a Cartoon series while you want to see your favorite Football match. However, one can watch his favorite program / broadcast live on internet but it will smash your data plans and everyone don't have access to the internet. This is very awkward situation but today I am going to give you an easy fix for the problem.

The Solution is convert your PC or Laptop into a portable tv. There are several ways to convert PC into tv e.g. External Tv Box which turns your monitor screen into TV. Internal Tv Card for CPU but these ways are not convenient as their is an extra electric power slot required to switch on the Tv Box adapter or you have to open the CPU to place the internal TV Card and you can only watch tv on that specific PC for which you have installed the card. 
The Most Easy and Convenient way to convert your PC or Laptop is USB Tv Tuner. Installing a USB Tv Tuner is very easy most of the tuners are plug and play. However some of these need a driver to be installed. It don't require extra power adopter and it can be used on any computer just plug into USB port of any PC or Laptop and you can enjoy your favorite programs at ease.

What about the cost of USB Tv Tuner ? It is not and expensive device you can buy it for about only 20$ from your local electronics / computer store. Many companies are offering their devices but its upto the availability into your country. I have used the USB Tv Tuner of Dany and had a great experience. 

Talking about the features of USB Tv Stick, it can easily record your favorite programs into your Pc or Laptops memory. It also offers the FM function through which you can enjoy the FM Radio Stations too. You can enjoy tv programs while performing other tasks by minimizing / adjusting the Tv display size. Talking about Dany it has 03 display window sizes. Fullscreen, Small Window and Adjustable Size Window. You can handle the features of USB Tv Stick with the remote comes with it. So if you find your tv occupied jump to your laptop :).

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