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Monday, 24 April 2017

Technology Working Outclass, 7D Technology Launched

Technology Working Outclass, 7D Technology Launched

We were amazed by 3D Technology and was grabbed by its real looking illusions. We were falling from the peaks of huge mountains and were walking on the water by the help of VR Technology, meanwhile we came to know that 7D technology has been introduced.
Last Year in February 2016, a video showing a group of children reacting to an “incredible 7D hologram” reproduction of a surfacing whale demonstrated inside a school gymnasium was shared on social media and got huge feedback and likes.
That video was originally created by a company named “Magic Leap” in order to demonstrate the potential capabilities of their technology. While the Magic Leap device is still shrouded in mystery, several articles written about the device explain that it’s a wearable device which deals in “mixed reality,” layering unreal, virtual objects over real, tangible ones.
Users will be required to wear something over their eyes (similar to Google Glass or Microsoft’s HoloLens) in order to see three-dimensional virtual imagery.

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