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Monday, 15 May 2017

Earn Money with Dailymotion.

Earn Money with Dailymotion.

Dailymotion is one the best growing video sharing sites. Actually it is on second position after Youtube. A lot of video creators are earning handsome amount by making videos and sharing them on youtube with their audience but there are very strict policies to act upon by Youtube. Recently Youtube has imposed new policies to sustain their advertising program as their main clients were running away due to loop-holes of the advertising system of youtube. However it is getting a lot better day by day due to strict action of youtube but for new video creators it is getting harder to earn on youtube instantly as their is a restriction of 10K lifetime views on your channel to show advertisement on your videos.

earn money with dailymotion

Talking about Dailymotion its having almost same interface and system of video sharing with good opportunity to earn money through sharing your content. Dailymotion is a rapidly growing video platform and offering the partner program with a convenient way. The edge of working with dailymotion is that you can monetize your blog/website with the videos which you have not created by your own. You just have to verify your website on Dailymotion Website Monetization tab and that's it. You can embed any video from Dailymotion to your website or blog by placing the html code and earn revenue if someone watch your embeded video. However you can also earn by uploading your own videos by creating a channel just like youtube.

Another plus point of dailymotion is that you can add a widget to your blog or website where Dailymotion will show the most recommended videos randomly and if someone will watch those videos you will earn revenue. Its very easy to use that you create your own widget and customize its layout on dailymotion website and then place its html code to your website and its done. The widget will be shown instantly to your website.

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