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Monday, 15 May 2017

Mic to Speaker Direct Voice Output with PC

Mic to Speaker Direct Voice Output with PC

Finding an amplifier to make announcements loud, play music or sing a song through mic. Why don't you use your PC or Laptop for this purpose. Yes, we can use our PC with Mic to Speaker function as an amplifier of sound system. We need a mic inserted to our mic port of sound card and follow the steps below to make if functional.

mic to speakers

Open the control panel of your computer and go to the Sound.

Go to Playback tab and select Speakers as the sound out put default device.

Now go to the Recording tab and click on microphone then go to its properties.

After opening the properties of microphone open the listen tab and select the listen to this device as marked.

That's all done, now when you will talk in your mic it will listened through your speakers. 

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