Monday, 15 May 2017

Organic Skin Cleanser

Make Organic Skin Cleanser at Home

Their are hundreds of products for skin cleaning and moisturizing available in the market. Most of them are too expensive that a common person do not afford to buy while there are side affects of the chemical properties of these products. 

Nature has produced natural cleansers for us that not only do cleansing but also nourish the skin. One of such natural products is Lemon. Lemon has acidic portion that cleans the skin alongwith its antioxidant properties that extract the pollutions away from our skin. We can make an organic skin cleanser at home in Just a few Cents. The recipe is as under:-

Ingredients Required.

Lemon Juice 20ML
Glycerin 10 ML
Rose Water 20 ML
Honey 05 ML 

organic skin cleanser

You can buy these items from any local store and follow the steps as we describe. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and save in a clean container. 

Wash you hands and face with fresh water at night and take a piece of gauze or cotton and apply a few drops of this mixture to your face. Gently clean your skin upwards and let the mixture stay for a few moments. After about 10 minutes you can wash your face. This mixture can be easily applied on any part of your body. It will not only clean your skin but it will nourish and make it glow as well. It will reduce wrinkles and eradicate black heads. This solution has moisturizing properties as well. So make this organic cleanser at home and enjoy cheap organic cleansing.

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