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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online 2017

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online 2017

There are hundreds of ways to earn money online. People round the globe are using them. Some of the ways are legit while some are SCAM and they don’t last longer or give away money to their users / workers. So Today we ll talk about top 5 most trusted and convenient ways to earn money online.

1- Website / Blog

The most trusted and common way to earn money online is making a website or blog. It is the matter of fact that nothing can be achieved without hard-work but if you work hard and maintain your efforts you can earn handsome income with blogging. The simplest way to earn money with blog or website is with the Google Adsense by placing ads on your blog. However you can promote your business with your website or blog too.

So first you have to create your website or blog buying a domain / hosting and make a few quality posts on it. If you want to make free blog without purchasing domain and hosting then use or any other hosted domain then you can apply for adsense account after making about 20 quality posts in about a month. While on non-hosted domains you may apply for adsense after 6 months of beginning.

Payment Methods.
You can get payment with direct bank transfer or through western union according to your convenience.


Youtube is the most growing and trusted online earning platform now a days. If you can create quality videos this is the right platform for you to earn with passion. You can earn unlimited $$ with youtube by joining youtube partner. You will upload your own content to youtube according to policies and guidelines framed by youtube. Youtube will show ads on your videos and you earn money with your monetized videos after attaching your youtube channel with adsense account.

Payment Methods.
Same as website / blog.

3-Affiliate Marketing

The 3rd way to earn money online is affiliate marketing. There are several websites / companies e.g. Amazon, Clickbank, Flipkart, that offer you to join their affiliate programs and when they approve you as their affiliate you share the link of their product or service with your audience on you website, blog or any other platform they allow. If someone purchases anything from the link you shared you get commission. Bloggers are making thousands of $ with affiliate marketing. So if you have a good website, blog or youtube channel with reasonable traffic you can make good conversion rate and have handsome commissions.

Payment Method.
Varies from site to site (Check it before joining)


Rapidly growing freelancers are the symbol of success for the freelancing market. There are huge number of people who prefer to work from their homes at their own convenience and they don’t want to do a 9 to 5 job so they opt to work as a freelancer. There are many reputed sites to work as a freelancer e.g. Fiver, Upwork, oDesk etc. You make a complete profile on these sites with mentioning your skills and the people reach you to get their work done according to your resume and skills. These sites offer you platform to get work and when you complete the given tasks you get paid. The quality of work is very important as it ranks up you in the site algorithm to get more and high paid work. So if you have any skills like web designing, video making, voice over, graphic designing etc you may try these websites to work from home.

5-Micro Tasks

There are few sites that offer micro task like doing a  facebook like, youtube video share or comment, mobile application install and you are paid for doing these micro tasks the most trusted and paying websites are Amazon Mechanical , These websites are paying to their thousands of workers worldwide since long. So if you are interested to earn by doing mini tasks at your own choice then you should join these websites.

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