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Monday, 12 June 2017

High Click Through Rate | No Worries Now

No Worries With High CTR on Youtube Videos

There was a time when most of the youtubers were to keep their eye on the CTR on their youtube videos to avoid the Disabled Adsense Account or monetization. Whenever the CTR was raised to near 15% the situation was alarming for the creator. He had to opt for turn the monetization off manually to remain safe as High CTR could take his adsense account to disabled state and he also had to inform google that the invalid clicks are not being done by him.

There is a good news from google that the video creators on youtube will not be penalized for invalid clicks or High CTR un-till they are not involved in such activity. It means that they still have to monitor the activity on their videos and report to google if they find any invalid / awkward activity. However they will remain safe in such cases and their monetization and adsense accounwill not be in danger.

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