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Monday, 12 June 2017

Whats App Going to Launch New Feature | Whatsapp Recall Feature

Whats app Recall Feature.

Whats app is one of the most used social media / communication app. If we observe we will find it installed on almost on every smartphone which shows the interest of people in whatsapp. It is getting more trendy now a days. 

The company is bringing new updates to its users to make it more user friendly and competitive with other social media apps. Since the launch of whatsapp there was loophole / shortcoming that like the typical SMS we coul'nt delete or modify it after once it is sent. There was a ton of users who wrongly send the photos, media and messages to other people and there was no reverse and no delete. 
Keeping this in view Whatsapp has decided to launch a new update with the latest Recall Feature through which the user can delete the sent message / media within 5 minutes after sending. This feature will help a lot to its users to make sure sending the right messages to the right people. Beta version of this feature has been tested and is going to be launched world wide soon.

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