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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Android App Development Has Never Been So Easy

Android App Development Has Never Been So Easy


The business of Android app development has grown tremendously in last few years. As the use of smartphones is increasing rapidly and a large number of smartphones are based on Android Operating System, more and more people want to make their own apps to grow their business or earn money by placing ads in their applications.

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Revenue Sharing Anroid App Development Programs

Android Studio is the professional tool to make android applications but developing a professional android application is not easy as it requires coding skills. However, there are many online platforms that provide automated android app development tools and you can make an android application following a few simple steps but they do not allow you to keep all earnings. You can make applications on revenue sharing basis e.g. that offers a 50% revenue sharing program. You can create web browsers, chat applications, games and much more by using You can monetize your app using AdMob and appgyser will show 50% of your ads on that particular application. The plus point is you don't need any coding skills to develop your application.

Android Creator is another online android app development program but it don't have as much options to create applications as available in appgyser.

Best Available Android App Development Programs

Lets talk about the best option for android app development if you don't want to break your head for learning the difficult coding procedure.

Now a days the most popular and easy to use option is Thunkable  it has drag and drop user friendly interface. You can create you desired android applications just like android studio without complex coding. The edge of using this platform is you can fully monetize your applications with your adMob and earn huge income.

MIT App Inventor is another option but it doesn't provide the monetize option.

So if you want to make money by Android App Development you can use Thunkable as Professional Android App Maker without coding skills and it's free to use so far.

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