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Amazing Benefits of Dry Dates

Amazing Benefits of Dry Dates

We all know that Dates are a good source of energy for us. Dates are enriched with vitamins and minerals which provide instant energy to our body. Fresh dates are the favourite meal of Arabian Countries however they even popular in dry format. Dry Dates are called "Chohara" in Hindi & Urdu and are used to improve cardiovascular and overall health.

benefits of dry dates in winter

Vitamins & Minerals

Dry Dates contain a wide range of vitamins including niacin, thiamin, vitamin A, C, E, K, B2, B6 & B12. 

While minerals e.g. Magnesium, selenium, copper & iron are also found in a good quantity. Iron is an essential mineral to maintain good Haemoglobin Level that regulates Red Blood Cells. These Cells are very important for a good supply of Oxygen in the whole body and to avoid anemia (Decreased Red Cells).

Energy Booster

As we know glucose is an instant source of energy. Dry dates contain natural sugar and healthy calcium that works as an instant energy booster. 

Treat Bowl Problems

Dry Dates are easy to digest because they contain healthy dietary fiber that helps to regulate the bowel movements. They also heal constipation naturally.

Heart Health

Fat levels in dry dates are very low and they have the ability to control bad fats in the body. Use of dates improves cardiovascular health. Having good potassium level also control the blood pressure conditions.

Good Skin Health

As dry dates are enriched with all essential vitamins they also contain Vitamin A that prevents the skin damage and regenerate healthy and glowing skin by removing the dead skin cells.

General Health

As mentions above there are countless benefits of using dry dates. If we use them in routine we can maintain good health with the sensation of youthfulness. Dates provide strength to muscles and improve body performance.  Use of Dry dates slow down the ageing process and rejuvenate our life. However, excessive use of anything can be harmful. Dates are full of calories so to try to keep their use according to a healthy diet plan. 
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