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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Google Adsense Update 2018 | Youtube Earnings Will Not Be Shown In Adsense Reports From Jan 2018

Google Adsense Update 2018

It was being observed and reported by many YouTubers that their youtube earnings w.e.f. 20.11.2017 were invisible from their Adsense App / Account. Their earnings remained unavailable from performance reports for a couple of days and it was being claimed as a bug or glitch by some youtubers. But there is a big update from Google about youtube revenue reports. 

It is now officially announced by Google that all earnings of youtube creators will now only be available in youtube analytics revenue report. Adsense will not show youtube earning taking effect from January 2018. 

However, the revenue earned by youtube creators will be available on Mainpage of Google Adsense after finalization of youtube payments.

Youtube creators community is showing concerns that after deactivation of revenue reports they'll not be able to observe their youtube monetization performance and monitor the CTR (Click Through Rate). The reason behind this action by Google Adsebse is still unknown. 

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