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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to Make Money Using Your Mobile Phone

How to Make Money Using Your Mobile Phone 

There was a time when people used to travel to their offices or workplaces to make some earning. But when we talk about this era the whole scenario has been changed. Thousands of people are now working from their homes at their own comfort and convenience.

Online earning through digital marketing and advertisement were the major fields for a couple of years but have you listened about making money by using your social profiles and apps e.g. Facebook, Youtube or Instagram??
There are a number of platforms offering curation rewards to their consumers/users e.g. Steemit,, 4Fun & Hypstar.


Today we ll talk about the app that pays you for uploading short videos upto15 Seconds. You can make prank videos, funny clips or lipsync dialogues available in the application.
Hypstar application is fastly growing android social app and captured more than 10 million installations worldwide. There are a lot of interesting features in this application. You can record your own clips with mobile camera and use different frames, filters and overlays like snapchat.

How It Works

There is curation reward system in Hpstar, when you upload your video you can select an image as Thumbnail Picture and apply filters according to your need. You can adjust speed of your video and Use caption as a title to gain the attraction of viewers.

Real Videos captured with the application recording option have more probability to earn flames than the video uploaded from your gallery.

This application pays its users through curation system and awards flames. Their flames can be converted into real money that can be withdrawn in a Paypal Account.


People are making thousands of dollars with this application and also increasing their fans around the globe. So if you want to be a celebrity alongwith a big earning opportunity by Clicking Here.

You may also check its features and layout in the video embedded below which is in Hindi / Urdu Language.

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