Friday, 17 April 2020

How To Disinfect Your Mobile Phone in 1 Minute

Dear Fellows, as you know that Covid-19 Pandemic has become severe threat to the health of people round the globe. WHO and other health authorities are pressing hard to take preventive measures to avoid the spread of this virus. People are being instructed to wash hands often for 20 seconds, cover their faces with masks and avoid toucHing their face (Eyes, Nose etc). They are also being directed to practice social distancing. But keeping all the measures in view we know that virus is still spreading fast.

There may be a number of reasons for its spread including your mobile as one too. Yes, its true, your mobile can be a big source of carrying the infection because you can wash your hands but can't wash your mobile. You keep your mobile while you are at home, office or even travelling and it can catch the infection easily. Today's post is about how to disinfect your mobile instantly and safely so you may not get infected or even someone else.

Before telling the tip I would like to request you to #StayHome and stay safe & after reading this post please share it on all social media platforms you use for the betterment of humanity.

Lets Start Now,

Dear Readers, all you want to disinfect / clean your mobile from infections is a pad. It is called a Alcohol Pad. Ohh. I am sharing the proceedral video below for your convenience and you can follow that video too.

Coming back to point, you need an alcohol pad with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. These pads are easily available on medical stores and can be purchased at very low price. Now Tear the paper cover of the pad and clean your mobile thoroughly with the alcohol pad. As you know alcohol is used as disifactant in sanitizers too it will clean all germs / infections from your mobile and will keep it safe for hours.

I hope you ll find this post useful and ll share with oters as a caring gift.

StayHome StaySafe

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